GTQ-ANR-A Gas Detection Sensor


GTQ-ANR-A Gas Detection Sensor is a versatile and reliable solution designed for real-time monitoring of flammable, oxygen, and toxic gases in diverse environments. With its advanced gas sensor, this classic product ensures rapid response and boasts an impressive IP65 ingress protection rating, making it suitable for rigorous conditions. Tailored for applications in industries such as petrochemical engineering, chemical engineering, steel, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, electricity, food, and logistics, the GTQ-ANR-A Gas Detector is a versatile choice for monitoring gas concentrations. Whether placed in workshops, warehouses, or storage tanks, it provides constant vigilance and precise data on the presence of flammable and toxic gases, making it an essential tool for enhancing safety and monitoring capabilities in various settings.

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Advanced gas sensor, fast response with long lifespan, safer and more reliable.

IP65 design with body material in stainless steel and aluminum alloy, suitable for harsh environments.

4-20mA/Rs485 signal output that can upload the signal to the control panel.

Built-in relay and compatible with sound light alarm.

Complete product certification – ATEX, SIL, CCCF, etc.

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