80mm (3″) Gas Solenoid Valve


This gas solenoid valve is designed for automatic or remote temperature control and two-position on-off switch control of gas pipelines and combustible mediums. It operates as a direct-acting valve-open type with no pressure differential limits, capable of opening under low pressure and zero pressure conditions, ensuring low loss in pressure and high flow. The valve features high-quality sealing materials to prevent leakage, making it an ideal actuator for combustible liquids and gases, suitable for use in explosive environments.

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Suitable medium: gas, methane, mash gas, natural gas, normal temperature liquid

Medium temperature: -5°C – 80°C

Type: normally closed

Valve body material: Brass (forged), stainless steel (precision casting), cast iron

Diaphragm sealing material: VITON

Coil Protection level: Plastic coil IP65

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