150mm (6″) Gate Valve


Flanged gate valve short DIN F4, for gas to max. 50° C. Resilient sealed gate valve to EN 13774. Body and bonnet of GJS-500-7 (GGG-50). Wedge of ductile iron fully vulcanized with NBR rubber and with fixed brass wedge nut. Stem of stainless steel AISI 420 with rolled thread and wedge stop ring. Exchangeable stem sealing consists of an NBR rubber manchette, 4 O-rings in a stem seal nut of dezincification resistant brass and an NBR wiper ring. NBR bonnet gasket in a groove, countersunk bonnet bolts encircled by the bonnet gasket and sealed with hot melt. Epoxy coating to DIN 30677-2 and GSK guidelines – internally and externally.

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A. Stem sealing: Three independent stem seals offering triple safety – A NBR wiper ring protects against dirt from the outside. 4 NBR O-rings in a stem seal nut exchangeable under pressure ensures tightness and low friction. A rubber manchette is the main seal to the flow and prevents leakage when exchanging the stem seal under pressure.
B. Body/bonnet connection: The unique assembly of the valve body and bonnet ensures a durable tightness – A round rubber bonnet gasket fits into a recess in the valve bonnet, preventing it from being blown out by pressure surges. The stainless steel bonnet bolts are countersunk in the valve bonnet, encircled by the bonnet gasket and sealed with hot melt. Thus there is no risk of corrosion as the bolts are not exposed to the medium or soil.
C. Wedge nut: The fixed, integral wedge nut reduces the number of movable valve parts, thus minimizing the risk of corrosion and malfunction. The wedge nut is made of dezincification resistant brass with lubricating abilities, providing optimum compatibility with the stainless steel stem.
D. Vulcanized wedge: The ductile iron core is fully vulcanized with NBR rubber internally and externally. No iron parts are exposed to the medium and excellent rubber vulcanization prevents creeping corrosion underneath the rubber. Guides in the wedge and on the valve body ensure a uniform closure regardless of high pressure. Safe operation is ensured, as the guides prevent overloading of the stem.

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